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August 18th, 2004

04:30 pm - me no band
uh im not in this project thing anymore uh i guess get a new guitar player which shouldnt be to hard lol if ur going to continue with the myndkill thing later.......justin...

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July 29th, 2004

03:28 pm
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: slipknot >>> fuck this world

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July 28th, 2004

05:12 pm
yea fuck this band thing like it matters anyway

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05:06 pm - yea great
im out fuck all of you

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July 27th, 2004

04:58 pm - myndkill..
i left mikes earlier we were working on myndkill last night mikes gunna sing now sandy is on bass yea in search of a drummer more later...
Current Music: none

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01:42 pm
Justin just left, We decided that I would sing.. (Lmao) And our friend Sandy will play Bass.. Now we need a Drummer and a rhythm Guitar player.. not much else to write so Later...

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Atreyu - Ain't Love Grand

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July 26th, 2004

04:39 am - first update for me
yea its like 4:39 am and me and mike have been talkign about this myndkill so ill update later cus im tired
Current Music: lip gloss and black- atreyu

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04:35 am
Hey everyone.. Me and Justin have been up all night working on shit for our new "Soon to be" Band, mYnd Kill.. Its really late so I'm going to sleep.. Expect big updates tomarrow because Justin is coming over my house.. Later
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Slipknot - Pulse of the Maggots

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